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Gluten free Cruises

Your Travel Agency Specialising in Gluten-Free Cruises

Imagine a wonderful holiday. Imagine some luxurious accommodation with personalised attention and access to exclusive services. Imagine a unique form of travelling and seeing other countries in a comfortable way. Imagine visiting various cities without having to keep packing and unpacking… You are thinking of a cruise.

And if you are looking for a cruise, you have come to the right place.

Until now, it was necessary to choose between a cruise specialist and an expert in Coeliac disease, but not any longer. This is your gluten-free cruise agency.

Cruises are one of the most important tourist products nowadays. 16 million passengers travelling annually to more than 2000 different destinations support that fact.

The big cruise companies provide us with exquisite and modern leisure activities which make cruises even more attractive: swimming pools, surfing areas, F1 simulators, climbing areas, theatres, cinemas and clubs… Everything necessary to make your holiday unforgettable.

On some ships, with prior notice, companies can provide everything from excellent menus for people with Coeliac disease in the main restaurants on the ships, to gluten-free picnics when we go on an excursion. Everything you need to make your cruise the best holiday ever.

It is also possible to organise river cruises along some of the most iconic rivers in Europe. A pleasant and comfortable way of visiting different cities without having to change hotels.

Contact us and we will inform you of all the available options, so that your Gluten-free holidays are perfect.


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