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Gluten free holidays

Holidays with Destinos Sin Gluten. Our experience will make yours unforgettable.

Get in touch with us and we will arrange a tailor-made holiday for you.

Choose the location and the dates of your holiday, and we will get to work. The mere fact of having Coeliac disease should not stop you from doing everything you want to do. With a bit of help and organisation, the world is at our fingertips. We are your specialist travel agency.

Unfortunately, Destinos Sin Gluten does not have standard products for people with Coeliac disease. We design tailor-made holidays for our customers because we understand that there are a number of people who are intolerant to gluten.

Using the viewpoint of someone with Coeliac disease, we arrange all the aspects of the holiday which someone without dietary limits would not take into account and which make organising holidays more complicated.

You just need to get ready to have fun. DESTINOS SIN GLUTEN will take care of everything.

Taking the premise that the world is at our fingertips, that our condition should not prevent us from doing whatever we propose, and with the help of Destinos Sin Gluten to arrange your holidays as the starting point, what is stopping you from travelling to wherever you want? Fear? Don’t worry, since Destinos Sin Gluten was created, many people have been to hotels and restaurants without risking their health and with the strict maintenance of a gluten-free diet.

Some tips for safe gluten-free travel

  • Don’t forget the aim of your holiday: to have a great time, or enjoy a cultural get-away or a cruise. The aim of your trips is not to eat gluten-free food, so you should not think that your diet is more problematic than it really is.
  • Book your holidays through your travel agency specialising in food intolerance (DESTINOS SIN GLUTEN), or arrange all the aspects of your holiday yourself.
    • Make sure that at your accommodation they know what a gluten-free diet is.
    • Ask if they have special menus, special products or if they have any other specific arrangements for people with Coeliac disease.
    • Get in touch with the kitchen at the hotel to ensure that they are prepared for your arrival.
    • Research and put together a list of shops when you can buy gluten-free products, and restaurants which cater for your dietary needs.
    • Take a ‘survival kit’ with you with some daily gluten-free products, in case of any communication error with the airline or hotel which means they are not prepared for your arrival.
    • When travelling abroad, you should carry a card with a description of the disease, in the language of the country you are travelling to.
      • Get in touch with the association in the country, especially if you are going to spend a long time there, so that they can consult you on all relevant aspects in order to be able to follow a gluten-free diet in the country you are staying in.
      • Take a medical report with you which states that you have Coeliac disease and must follow a gluten-free diet. This can give you the opportunity to try certain food from that country. Don’t forget to get in touch with the embassy there to ask which products you should not consume under any circumstances.
  • If you get diarrhoea, do not panic or think that you have made a mistake with your diet. Remember that it is perfectly normal to get traveller’s diarrhoea when changing food or type of water.

Finally, we should remember that even if the hotel or restaurant offers a gluten-free menu, we should always ask the management the appropriate questions to ensure thay we have a safe, healthy and gluten-free meal. In the end it is just a question of knowledge and communication.



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