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Language Courses Abroad


We offer you courses to learn 7 different languages in more than 110 locations in 17 countries around the world. Choose the course that is most adapted to your needs and preferences from a wide variety of language schools.

There are learning programs based on complete language immersion, which do not only offer grammar practice, but also allow you to combine it with the people and their culture.

With Destinos Sin Gluten, you can learn any language abroad, with the peace of mind that we will take care of your training and gluten-free diet.

Over a hundred destinations are available, with the best schools, a wide range of accommodation and an endless list of activities and work programs to make your experience an unforgettable one.

There are tailor-made courses for everyone, which are available from just one week and can be started on any Monday during the year.

A tailor-made product for each and every need

Adults (17 and above)

A course designed for everyone with just one thing in common, it is for people aged 17 and over. However, the average on most of the courses is between 23 and 28 years old.

We have a variety of courses and an immense number of options for accommodation, with endless combinations.

Juniors (Up to 17 years old)

Courses for children and teenagers with the opportunity to learn a language with the technique of language immersion, the best way to learn a language.


DSG Viajes offers you intensive language courses which are adapted to your professional needs.

Every year thousands of people sign up to one of the language immersion programs organised by our partners.

Work & Travel

Doing work experience abroad could be a great alternative option with the competitive market that exists nowadays.

Types of Language Courses

General Courses

This language course is for groups of 10-15 people and has between 15 and 20 lessons a week. The length of the course is a minimum of 1-2 weeks, depending on the language school. This course is also normally available for longer periods. The aim is to provide a course which helps to improve the basics of the language (reading, writing, speaking and listening), with extra activities not only done in class. This type of course is normally available at all levels.

Intensive Language Courses

This language course is similar to the general one but with more hours of class, normally between 24 and 30 a week. The aim of the course is to quickly improve general language skills.

Junior Language Courses

A wide range of courses designed especially for students aged between 5 and 17. Most of these programs are available during the summer holidays. The youngest ones (5-9) can attend the classes while their parents also go to class. For students aged 10 and over, they can decide if they would like to travel alone, under complete 24-hour supervision during the stay (depending on the location).

Private Classes

If you would like complete attention from a teacher you can reserve a set of private classes. It is normally necessary to reserve a minimum amount of classes per week if you book only this course. If it is reserved along with a group course, you will have the possibility of reserving only some private classes. In some schools, it is possible to hire a private teacher for two or even three students.

There are more types of course on our partner’s website: nuestro colaborador.

They offer exam preparation, longer courses, language + activities courses, courses for older students (50+), business language courses, and private classes at the teacher’s home.

Ask us and we will prepare a course according to your needs.

Live the experience of being an international student with us 

All our programs can be with or without accommodation.

Live the experience of being an international student with Destinos Sin Gluten

Find out the details of the many options which we offer according to your needs.

Find the answers to your questions: Can Destinos Sin Gluten arrange and reserve my flights? How will I reach my accommodation? Will I need medical insurance? A visa? At Destinos Sin Gluten, we want your language course to be easy to organise. Ask us how.

Our Accommodation options

Host Family

Following our principle of “complete immersion”, we recommend staying with a host family. By doing this your language abilities will improve rapidly. As you will be continuously using the language, you will be able to continue learning out of class in an easy and fun way. Also, you will get to know the local customs and culture, which will help you to further connect with the language.

We are proud to be able to offer a small number of families who suffer from Coeliac disease, spread around the world, who can take our students in. This can really put us at ease, because we guarantee the correct handling of food and also minimise the risk of problems through contamination.


Normally the residences are dormitories at colleges or universities which are not used during the summer holidays. For this reason, the majority of residences are only available in summer. They are normally located in the centre of the town or city and include: A single or double room, shared kitchen, and a en-suite or shared bathroom. This option is recommended for younger students who wish to live with more independence but on a limited budget.

Shared Flat

A bedroom (normally individual or double on request) in a flat rented by the school or someone local who lives in it.


We can arrange and reserve a flat with one or more rooms for individuals or groups. This option is often only available for 4-week stays or more.


Would you prefer to stay in a comfortable hotel near the school? Would you like to have a great holiday with your family while studying your favourite language in the best schools? Don’t worry, we will take care of everything.

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