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Who we are

Our Story

On the 2nd March 2009, our son Raúl was diagnosed as having Coeliac disease.

What is Coeliac disease?

As the majority of people who come to these pages will know, Coeliac disease is, broadly speaking, an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine. It is caused by a reaction to gliadin, a prolamin found in wheat, and common grains such as barley and rye.

From an outside perspective and without much consideration, the elimination of gluten from the diet can seem simple (which is what we thought): removing bread, pasta, pastries, and alcohol if you are an adult, and problem solved…

…but no, big mistake. Gluten is used a lot in the food industry as a thickening and/or jelling agent. The same machines are also used to carry out various processes or make products. This means that food which supposedly does not contain gluten may be contaminated, due to the difficulty in cleaning the machines and equipment of this substance. It’s a complicated situation.

As an example, it is estimated that 80% of food products manufactured and sold around the world contain gluten.

First Steps

After the blow of hearing that your son has been  diagnosed with  an incurable disease (for now), and after the first moments of crying and sadness, we realised that it was our responsibility to make sure that his life was as “normal” and obstacle-free as possible.

At first we put all our efforts into cooking. We started to investigate and work on the elaboration of “gluten-free” recipes. From this our blog ““La Cocina de Storch”, which basically deals with topics on cooking, was born.

We would love for you to walk around our kitchen. We hope that this can give you ideas for a healthy, balanced and gluten-free diet.

Following this we expanded our aims to making people more aware of Coeliac disease. This led to the creation of “Mi Vida Sin Gluten”, a blog to help understand the daily life of a family with two members with Coeliac disease.

Please feel free to have a look at our gluten-free blogs.

The holidays have arrived

Then the holidays arrived and we had to start looking for a place for our family to visit. We have two children, and on top of that, we have Coeliac disease.

If it is already difficult to organise a holiday for a family with children, but when one of the member cannot consume gluten, the work becomes almost titanic.

There was nobody in the market who had a deep enough knowledge of Coeliac disease or could design, prepare and arrange our gluten-free trips.

Careful, a hotel being able to prepare a gluten-free menu for us is not the most important thing.

After choosing the accommodation, getting the hotel to adapt to our needs was the next stage. The dietary needs of a two-year-old are nowhere near the same as those of a 17-year-old.

How you arrange the trip varies greatly depending on where you are travelling, the age and dietary preferences of the person with Coeliac disease, the type of holiday you want and other factors.

And from there this project started to take shape in our heads. We believe that a company is needed which can lighten the workload when it comes to organising holidays.

And after months of hard work, “DSG Viajes – DESTINOS SIN GLUTEN” was born, a travel agency created by and for people with Coeliac disease.