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Gluten-free hotels

Reserve your gluten-free hotel with your specialist travel agency.

At Destinos Sin Gluten, we reserve and arrange your gluten-free hotel stays, with personal knowledge of Coeliac disease.

Are you fed up of going round in circles? Tired of spending lots of time trying to organise holidays which are free of gluten?

Forget everything and just enjoy your holiday!

Simply get in touch with us and tell us where and when you want to go; to the city of your choice, to the beach or to your dream location.

We will choose and reserve the hotel which most closely adapts to your needs. Of course, this will take into account the requirements of the person or people with Coeliac disease who will be travelling.

From our experience, a hotel being able to offer us gluten-free food does not necessarily mean that there will not be any problems. We have to adapt the hotel to our needs, if that is possible, or choose different accommodation which completely meets our expectations.

Obviously, preparing a business trip for an adult with Coeliac disease is not the same as preparing a holiday in a tropical paradise for a family with a 6-year-old with Coeliac disease, or a weekend trip in a large Spanish city for a family with various coeliac members.

Get in touch with us and we will organise a tailor-made holiday for you.

We are coeliacs and prepare all our holidays from the point of view of a coeliac.


After two members of our family were diagnosed with having Coeliac disease, we had two options: remain in the safety of our home, or return to a normal situation by travelling without fear.

At the beginning we worked very hard, reading everything that we could find regarding Coeliac disease, getting in touch with hundreds of associations around the world, and constantly looking up information on the Internet, but we found only a handful of useful advice for people with Coeliac disease wanting to travel.

On top of that, the preparation of a holiday using the above method meant investing a lot of time and effort. On many occasions, as we did not have enough time to prepare, and we ended up not being able to visit places that we would love to have seen.

One day, as we were flying home from our summer holiday, we thought that if someone could help us to prepare and arrange our holidays, it would all be much easier. We began to look for travel agencies who could market specific products for us, who could design a holiday with an acceptable guarantee regarding food, or who at least understood what we meant when we asked for a gluten-free holiday.

However, we could not find anyone in the world who dedicated themselves to this, and we wondered how that was possible. Is a service for 1% of the world’s population not enough to maintain a business? Should people with Coeliac disease not travel and just limit themselves to always staying within their comfort zone?

In the end, we assumed that it was a bit of everything, but we are not doing this thinking about the statistics. We are a family in this situation who decided one day that the best way to earn a living was by helping people with Coeliac disease to be able to leave their homes without fear and feeling completely safe.

Destinos Sin Gluten is your gluten-free travel agency. We were created to manage your gluten-free holidays using our own personal experience.


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Gluten-Free Hotel Companies (Click to book on-line)

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Gluten-Free Hotels in Spain


On the map below you can find hotels that provide gluten-free diet and can be booked online through our website. If you’re not sure what hotel you can choose, we recommend you contact us and we will prepare for you a customized trip.


After your reservation, we will contact you to know you better and manage all aspects of your trip before your arriving.


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